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The Time of the Big Fella has gone

We are now in the twenty first century.

We have had guys stand on the Moon.

We know our world will be cooked in a few billion years.

We can stand on our own feet.

We know we have the seventy or eighty years of existence and then back to the soil.

Some are luckier than others in the time they exist.

Obviously we would all like longer.

But please give up on the idea there is a Big Fella who can give you an existence that lasts forever.

Have you thought about it?

When I was in Carnarvon, Western Australia, a half century ago the weather in the middle of the year was perfect EVERY day.

Sunshine, no rain, pleasant temperature, just enough wind.

There were weeks and weeks of perfection.

It was incredibly boring.

On the first long weekend I drove a thousand kilometres (it was six hundred miles in those days) back to Perth for some cold, wet, miserable days.

And you want an eternity of perfection.

You will be bored to death; bit of a problem there – you already are.

Stick with the idea of BORN, LIVE, DIE, and that is it.

No life everlasting. No being bo……………… Sorry about that, I like the anomaly.

Some of you have ingrained beliefs that have humans as being something special.

That human life from the time of conception is destined for life everlasting.

And despite it being obvious that such a life will have a deplorable existence.

Refuse to allow that life to be terminated and another started that does not have problems.

You need to read what it may think of the situation. Read HERE.

So now we have got that out of the way, let me introduce the alternative guidelines to your life.

These are the Octet.

The Family of All Life Alliance promotes the Octet.

Society needs a set of guidelines to use in bringing up the kids and keep one and all on the straight and narrow.

There are only eight. Less to follow, and none of them threaten you with whatever as the Ten do.

So here they are. Click on this link to the Octet.

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