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Karlie Kangaroo is speaking. She wants the continent back.

We have been here for 20 million years which gives us more of a right to this continent than some Johnny come latelys who have only been here for 60 thousand years. We have been here over 300 times longer.

We want our land back.

We want our river back.

Before the First humans came with his dogs they call dingoes we were not all that bothered by the animals that wanted to eat us. The really bad tempered little bastards they call Tasmanian devils usually could not catch us and just ate dead animals but the ones they called Tasmanian tigers were quick and deadly but there were not too many of them and my mum’s rellies said they only heard of a rellie getting eaten rarely.

Donald Diprotodon was the last one of has kind although his mob had been in the continent for millions of years but then when the First humans came Donald and his rellies had a problem because they were too slow. They were big so they were not bothered by Tasmanian Tigers but the First humans ran around in a mob and poor old Donald’s rellies had all been killed and eaten. All of them. Donald was the last of the Diprotodon family. All his rellies were now First human shit. And then Donald was also First human shit.

Mum’s aunty tells the story she was told of the last day of Donald’s life and it is a pretty gruesome story.

And it wasn’t just Donald and his rellies who disappeared because of the First humans. Big Bird was loved by my mum’s rellies. She was like the emus you see running around but BIG. Too bad for them that they were also a bit slow and tasty. The First humans managed to make all of them disappear as well.

Today you would think the humans would not be allowed to make any of us animals become extinct but the First Humans can still eat any of us until we are all gone. Us animals think humans are pretty stupid. They have no respect for us animals.

Look at the platypus. Now those guys can’t run away. They are stuck in a pond. The First Humans can catch all of them and put them on the BBQ and the Second Humans think it is OK. We would like all humans to be put on the BBQ so we could have out continent back.

What about Billie?

William Wombat screamed when the first rock hit him and he kept on screaming as rock followed rock. That human was a really bad human. And the other humans thought it was quite OK to make William die so painfully and take so long to do it. That human needs to be fed to the dingoes.

Our home was down along the river but our river has been taken from us.

We can’t eat the grass. It has all gone. The humans have covered it with concrete and roads and houses. We don’t live in houses; we need our space but it has all gone. We want our space back. We want the humans to be gone.

But those humans will not go.

We kangaroos need to have the right to our own land.

The first humans have land rights because they say they used the land.

We know that is not right. They were doing what we do except we hop and they walk.

Now they have land rights because they walked across it.

And as their relationship with the land was no different to ours.

We should have land rights. Us red kangaroos want the west and middle.

The grey kangaroos and the other ones their part of the island.

Our twenty million years are worth more than sixty thousand years. We need more.

We want the humans on our continent who can legally cook koalas, stone wombats to death and barbeque dugongs made to all walk back to New Guinea. The water is back so they will have to swim.

Karlie Kangaroo is supported by The Family of All Life Alliance.



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