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Save our Earth

A possible future as human numbers continue to increase.

We will need population control.

The solution to too many humans will be obvious.

Become a cannibal.

Eat somebody. Note that it is a waste of time eating an oldie. They are not going to have any more kids. Young females are the big problem and hence are the most attractive dinner dates – on the plate.

Not hungry enough to start chomping on your neighbour? So do the next best thing and convince the world’s couples that they can only have one kid. This will take a bit longer to get the problem down to sensible levels but there are just too many of us and if we are not going to feast on the problem we need to try alternative means.

Governments need to stop subsidising kids after families have had two children. Any more should result in higher taxes.

Countries should sterilise any women who have children in excess of two per family.

If a stud goes around impregnating a host of females he should be castrated.

The Earth is in crisis. You have too many relatives.

If about half a carcase is consumable then a human weighing 80kg results in 40kg of meat to eat.

Based on “Globally, we consume 315 million tons of meat every year.” This means we would reduce the Earth’s population by around 8 billion each year. Hold on, there are only that many here now. Problem solved in one year’s dining on dad, mum, bub, granny – they have all been gobbled down. Not keen on munching on dear old dad? Then help promote less of us. Send money to save your rellies from the cooking pot. We will start by helping young women who have had two children to have no more. This organisation needs donations.


Keep the population down.

The world has too many humans.

Elephants are at risk of extinction.

Some species of rhinoceros are extinct.

Help the Family of All Life.

Help women determine their future.

Women around the world recognise when they need to not have a child.

For society to determine what their future is is unacceptable in today’s world.

Help women by donating to Marie Stopes International, an organisation that helps women terminate pregnancies safely.

As their website says “For an individual woman or girl, being able to choose when she has children means having the power to take control of her future.”

Visit Marie Stopes International and donate to help them help the world.


This gets us to The Family of All Life Alliance

The Earth is under threat. There are too many humans. The governments are not tackling the problem.

We need a new World Government to get things fixed.

In Australia we need a government like The Family of All Life Alliance that:

Will actively work to reduce the Earth’s population to two billion humans.

Does not rely completely on the profits from extracting iron ore and coal and exporting them.

Causes robot centred manufacturing industry to expand despite what the unions think.

Makes equal payments to all needy Australians.

Has a secular, non-racist attitude to human life.

Only supports families with one or two children with penalties for more than this.

Promotes sterilisation of adults after they have parented two children.

Eliminate prison populations by having criminals microchipped and with a robot minder.

The policies page is here.



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