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Get rid of CRAHP.

To help Earth life have a future the Earth needs to get rid of CRAHP.


C = countries

R = religion

HP = human plague

C = countries

We only need to be a little bit aware of world events to know that having a couple of hundred countries risks the Earth becoming uninhabitable.

Current conflicts include Russia and Ukraine which has the potential to include more countries as many are supporting Ukraine. Russia has nuclear weapons as do some of the Ukraine supporters.

Potential conflicts include China attempting to overrun Taiwan with once again a nuclear holocaust being possible as The USA has more than enough nuclear equipped missiles in its submarines to wipe out China while that country attempts to do likewise to the USA.

Conflict might also be precipitated by the actions of a minor player with demented ideas of importance such as North Korea which has nuclear weapons and an unstable leadership but with a relationship with both China and Russia.

Another aspect of having the two hundred or so countries is that they each deem it necessary to possess defence forces to maintain their security and this has to be paid for. The cost of this added up to about two trillion US dollars last year. Yes, that was the cost in just one year.

The obvious solution is that of Julius Maxwell in forming a World Government. The history of this is found here.


R = religion

A comment I made on this some years back is relevant here. See “It is easy to see why mankind invented religion”.

My doctor ten years ago told me the last time I saw her that she was surprised I had survived cancer.

I was really pleased to have surprised her.

Having been about to have a chat with Peter the comment above is relevant.


This is where I put in a plug for Maxwell Empire Book 5: Andy Ones Diary. Andy is a fourteen year old boy on the planet Maxwell 01 in the year 4587. He and the other fifty nine Ones are the first humans the robonannies have produced on the planet. Obviously next come the Twos and then the Threes. Some of his fellow humans begin behaving in an illegal manner because religion was outlawed on Earth in 2733. Andy will tell you why and how to all your questions. The book is on Amazon.

HP = human plague

How about thinking a little bit, humans.

What does a human need? We can make a list.

Energy to keep us warm or cool and to drive vehicles and machinery.

Water for us to drink and for crops and industry.

Food for us and all the other life.

Humans around the world get supplies of each of these in hugely disparate amounts.

When I was in Nigeria twelve years ago the largest power station in the country with about ten times Australia’s population was the size of the power station in Western Australia. The comparison is worse of course because WA has a population of only two million. As you can imagine, everyone who could afford the diesel had a small generator at home. A reminder about being able to afford it is to point out that a subsistence farmer in north east Nigeria has an income of twenty cents a week. Yes, a week. After being told the income I was talking to the chap who knew such things, whose name was Salihu, and mentioned that I had told one of the teachers at the school it was twenty cents per day to be reminded it was not per day, but per week.

About my source. He was not your average human. He was from Yala where his dad had been head of a school. His dad was Muslim. With each of three wives dad had ten kids. Can you imagine having twenty nine brothers and sisters. Wife number one was bright and so the kids were doctors and such like. Evidently the other wives were married for looks. Anyway, he was across the road in Lugbe and had five kids with just the one wife and as the kids were Megan’s age my wife and daughter got to know them. He had done a doctorate in Manchester and returned to help Nigeria. His first job was in a Teachers College where the class sizes ranged from a thousand students to fifteen hundred.

Oh, you say. That is bad. No, not so bad. When Megan had to go to the Abuja hospital we were talking to the parent of another child and he taught at a University. His first year science class had two thousand five hundred students. Obviously no practical work was done.

The second job Salihu had was organising primary school education in the country which entailed visiting it all which is why he had met the farmer in the NE. While my then wife was still in Nigeria he changed jobs again to organise technical education in his home town and all of that State. Nigeria was obviously lucky to get him returning home.

It should be obvious that the point of this comment is that there are people who do not have the standard of living of the average Australian but would naturally like to. From the news seen on TV many people around the world are in the same boat. They are woefully poor. Any Australian complaining that the conditions they live in are similar to that of a third world individual are just plain ignorant. The problem from the planet’s point of view is that all humans want to attain a standard of living similar to Australia. The effect on the planet if they all manage to do so will be a disaster for all the lions, tigers, elephants, koalas, forests, grasslands, salmon, etc. The list goes on for pages because all life will be affected.

These people should be able to attain such a standard of living.

The solution is for all humans on Earth to number two billion.

You do not need to run around bumping the six billion surplus off, just have less kids and accomplish the reduction after some years.




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