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Mice have an excuse

A reminder to the more and more humans that the mice have an excuse in that they are not too intelligent. We are supposed to be. Hence breeding without limits has to stop.

A group in the Netherlands proposes a maximum population of ten million for their country. You can view their proposals here.

While Australia does not contribute much to the world population it is inappropriate of our leaders to contemplate a perpetual increase. Current attitudes are just that. The world needs to think we are too many and that obviously needs to particularly include our leaders so they can promote sensible policies.

Another problem is the view taken by some religions. It makes them the enemy of the Earth.

The Catholic Church thinks the Earth’s population should continue to grow unabated despite there being too many of us already.

Some thinkers have proposed that the number of humans should be around two billion.

We are destroying our home

If you do a Google search “we need to reduce human numbers” you will find organisations with a common view based on scientific research that the Earth should have only two billion humans on it at any one time. That is our current seven billion is three times too many. We don’t need to be supporting African children but making it so their mothers and the children have less kids.

In developed countries the birth rate is declining. In Japan it has them worried because the population is declining. This is actually what we need.

China also wants more kids and has raised the number per family to three.

Something needs to be done to stop undeveloped countries having so many kids.

When I Googled the above search the results did not address this need.

The Family of All Life Alliance needs to come up with a method of reducing the number of humans so that these guys below are still around in a few years.






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