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Australian politicians

When I was in South Korea I was staying in a small village thirty minutes by bus north of Guri, which is next door to Seoul. Half way to the village we passed through a somewhat larger town without event until after about six months the smell as we went through was just plain bad.

I was told that at that time of the year the farmers emptied the contents of the septic tanks onto their fields to help grow the next crop. Hence the shit was a valuable resource. So shit was good.

When I was a kid I lived in a house on my dairy farmer uncle’s farm and went to his dairy on occasion. The cows let loose with their shit without regard for their location so it needs to be shovelled into a heap. It is later spread onto the paddocks to help the pasture grow, so the shit is good.

The expression sometimes used to describe our politicians that they “have shit for brains” is completely inappropriate as shit is good and whatever is between their ears is definitely not good.

The new crop of politicians with The Family of All Life Alliance will only have good stuff for brains.

 Two deficient aspects of Australian Government.

To sensibly govern the country our leaders need to have an awareness of real life.

Two areas that indicate deficiencies in our leaders are housing and coal mining.

Politicians keep saying that prices of housing should continue to go up and up without any indication of the need to have a realistic expectation of what house prices should be.

If they are supposed to be three or four times average wages why do they think more than double this is good?

Government policies are a main cause of the price increase. Negative gearing, lack of a full capital gains tax, allowing superannuation to be used to buy a second house, discouraging high rise in inner urban areas, no death duties, low interest rates, assisting low income people to buy houses with minimal deposits, are some of the policies that the Government either does or does not have that by their nature result in real estate values going up to unsustainable levels.

That the general public seems to think that prices can go up continuously is a stupidity shared by the leaders of our country. There has been a huge amount written about real estate and the consequences of the Government not addressing the problem. A hiccup in world economics and our interest rates having to increase and collapse is inevitable.

Too bad that too many think the party will keep going on.

Real estate is just one example of Australia wide nightmares. The other is thinking coal is good. Our new NP leader thinks so. And the trouble is there are too many fellow Australians who have the same thought. Burning coal not only generates greenhouse gases but it also frees into the environment many chemicals such as mercury and others that are not excreted from our bodies. Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter worked with mercury making hats. It is why he was mad. And Barney wants more of it released into the land around power stations so it eventually ends up in us and stays there. Solar might come to the rescue but one obvious method of producing the electricity that other countries use without having hysterics is nuclear energy. It is one reason I think people should visit South Korea. We have a suggested tour on the website. When I lived there twenty years ago they had 50% of their electricity coming from nuclear power stations. I visited one near Gwangju. There were six reactors each producing 1,000 MW. Hence 6,000 MW from them all. Altogether the country has twenty four reactors in four different locations. Here a Government planned to put such a power station at Jervis Bay. Sydney could have all its electricity from an area now in the hands of an Aboriginal group. What a chance for them to do something for themselves. Get a six reactor nuclear power station built and sell the electricity to Sydney. They would provide jobs and not have to ask the Government for handouts all the time. Whenever you read the comments at the bottom of an article concerning nuclear energy the main characteristic they have is ignorant bias.

The pollution from a nuclear reactor can be contained in a small hole in the ground. The world is radioactive to some extent anyway and there are geologically stable areas that won't disperse the material. Also of course the radioactivity of the material decreases with time and once the short half-life material has decayed it is much less hazardous.

The alternative is the pollution from coal. It is affecting the whole planet, not just a small area. Bangkok and many other places will be under water if something is not done; and I really like Bangkok.

Read about submersible tours of Bangkok and other aspects of the year 4576.

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