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The Family of All Life Alliance

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We need an improved world.

 The Earth wants these things to go.

Countries, Religions And Human Plague


CRAHP must go

All these things can result in wars that could eradicate all life on Earth.

They must go.

Australia needs The Family of All Life Alliance.

The World needs The Family of All Life Alliance.

We humans are here for hundreds of millions of years if we eliminate CRAHP.



Humans are a plague. Some of the effects on other life and possible solutions. TOO MANY HUMANS


The country has huge problems including with those seeking to divide us and as described in the following article which need to be addressed.

If you are Australian you should read the following article.

A quarry and an unfair tax system

The article on the ABC on the 19th March, 2023, is a reason for young Australians to take a much more active role in the running of this country.

All Australians should read the article.

Click on the link to read the article.

A quarry and an unfair tax system: Why is this the economy young Australians are inheriting?



How education needs to change at present and in the future.



Comments on the many ways our politicians can improve.


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The actions necessary for all of us

Just because we can do something it does not mean that we should.

Humans will be on this planet for millions of years.

Stop destroying our home and our children’s home.

And our great, great, grand children’s home.

And ………………..

Stop having so many kids.





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