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We rabbits

Just when are humans going to realise that the current attitude that emulating rabbit plagues is not necessarily a good idea.

The Family of All Life Alliance says there are too many of us already.

Unfortunately the children marching around protesting have got the wrong end of the stick in their grasp.

If there were less humans there would be less need for as much electricity.

Hence less coal needing to be burnt.

Hence less global warming.

Just how many humans does the planet need?

Certainly not the eight billion walking around now. Or the fifteen billion in a few years.

The suggested carrying capacity is two billion.

Someone needs to educate Greta.

She is talking the wrong talk.

She needs to be telling child bearing age humans to restrict the number of children they have.

So, you say, what about the countries where the population is decreasing.

My response is that a reduction is good; not bad like a lot of politicians have been saying.

So Greta is ignorant and the politicians are ignorant. Everyone needs to remember that we are on the only object within a thousand years travel that can support us.


Humans need to stop breeding so many little humans.



Eight reasons to be concerned about our population reaching 8 billion


An article on this topic in the Guardian.

Are there too many people? All bets are off


An article on this topic on the BBC.

This article does not emphasise the extinction of vast numbers of other species as human numbers increase but is an extremely good read on the human plague.



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