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Be better humans

Humans need to get things in perspective.

They are animals.

They need to get over being the most developed animal; it is only the beginning of life’s journey for the next four billion years.

Some humans need to remember that 3.6 billion years of evolution has resulted in you being an omnivore. You are not a cow; you are a bear.

Humans will go to other solar systems, as is described realistically in MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOKS 1, 2, 3 and 4. Numbers 5 to a very big number (hopefully) describe how we got there and how we made the planets Maxwell 01, Maxwell 02, Maxwell 03, you get the picture, home.

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Eventually humans will get to the galaxy Large Magellanic Cloud which is 139,000 light years away and will take a robot spaceship carrying all the species from Earth to a planet there. The journey will take 35 million years. It is only five or six million years since we became a higher life form than our monkey cousins.

Evolution happens.

The humans living in the other planets will be developing independently of us.

They will evolve.

We will have sent them our history as movies and holograms.

Our history is such that they may not want to know us.

We are not a good animal when we can allow Aboriginals to think stoning another animal to death is acceptable.

If our physically distant cousins do visit us it will be to send a battlecruiser to wipe us out.

Humans cannot travel for millions of years in space. Forget about worm holes or whatever as any travelling will be done by robots.

You won’t wake up in the year 85,768,435 and look out the window and see distant cousin Fred. It will be the robot he sent 40 million years ago to wipe out the animals he detests because they do not value all life.

Read about getting to other planets. The robots have been raising humans in Maxwell Empire Book 5.

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The history the LMC human knows is primarily from at least 70 million years before his robot gets here but updates have been available as broadcast through the Maxwell Empire of Earth history and also the many planets of the Maxwell Empire.



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