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The Australian Republic flag 2022

Australia has not become a republic with the Queen gone and been replaced by Charles. He should not be the King of Australia.

The necessary arrangements for changing have not been settled. This is the referendum we need.

The Constitution needs to be altered so Australia can become a republic.

A new flag will be required to represent the new status.

As part of the change we will become one country with one Government. State Governments will cease to be as with current technology promulgations are immediately carried Australia wide and Covid 19 demonstrated the parochiality of some of the current governments.

Another change is we will be be one people with the same set of rules for all people.

Australia as a republic means the current flag needs replacing.

The Family of All Life Alliance proposes a new flag for all Australian people.
The new Australian flag 2022
The ratio is 1:2
Blue represents since 1788. The light of a new, better, life. Life of all Australians as modern man.
White represents the white of the sails of those who made us modern man.
Black represents before 1788. The darkness of 60,000 years of a hard life of the original inhabitants as stone age man.

It will be the only flag flown in Australia. Australia cannot continue to have racist flags flown which do not represent the values of Australian society.

Australian children will be raised within 21st century cultures.

Stone age culture has no relevance to living in the 21st century and cannot be used to raise children in Australia. Children will be raised in situations and conditions that equip them for life in the 21st century.

All cultures in Australia will obey Australian laws.

Land rights will be annulled. Aboriginal people have been supported by the Australian people for over two hundred years and cannot expect to regard themselves as a distinctly different section of the Australian community if they wish to be accepted as worthy of continued support. They brought to the development of Australia no attributes or assistance. They were the first humans here but other life was here before them and some of it was made extinct by their practices. All the humans in Australia are immigrants. Millions of people have been born in Australia since 1788 who are not Aboriginal but are indigenous to Australia.

The colours of the flag.

Top       Blue
Circle   White
Bottom Black

The ratios of the components of the flag.

Length 4
Circle  1
Width  2

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