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Keep the population down

The world has too many humans.
Elephants are at risk of extinction.
Some species of rhinoceros are extinct.

Hello, this is Planet Earth talking.

God’s advice has changed.

Listen to God.

The advice in the Bible was from two thousand years ago.

Things have changed.

Humans are now a plague.

There are more of you.

And more to hear God.

Would the person He is telling humans to keep the kids down to two speak up.

Get the message out.

Tell the humans what God is saying.

And now a message from a human.

This was an item on Facebook.

An Abuja-based couple have narrated how family planning contraception failed them. The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Agbo, who live at Sabon-Tasha, Gwagwa, an Abuja suburb, used contraceptives to avoid having more children in addition to their five kids, but recently welcomed quadruplets.

A friend of mine wrote



I responded

"The poor woman did not want any more kids Frances and the planet does not too."

She wrote back

"God commanded us to increase and multiply."

To which I responded

"That was before we became a plague. His new advice is "Save the animals with fewer humans"."

I am not a believer and after this exchange I checked with Google on how many believers there were.

According to Google 68% of humans believe in God.

Would the person He is telling humans to keep the kids down to two speak up.


And now a message from an animal.

Human numbers have all other life on Earth worried

We animals are wondering why humans do not see their numbers are a huge problem.

TooManyHumansAn article on this topic on the BBC.

However this article does not emphasise the extinction of vast numbers of other species as human numbers increase or the future use of robots to do some or all of the work but is an extremely good read on the human plague.

Marie Stopes International helps the world.

Which means the animals.

Which means the plants.

Which means the Planet.

Help women determine their future. Give them support.
Women around the world recognise when they need to not have a child.
For society to determine what their future is is unacceptable in today’s world.
Help women by donating to Marie Stopes International, an organisation that helps women terminate pregnancies safely.
As their website says “For an individual woman or girl, being able to choose when she has children means having the power to take control of her future.”
Visit Marie Stopes International and donate to help them help the world.



Eight reasons to be concerned about our population reaching 8 billion




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