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Maxwell Book 4


Stories and photos of my life from with my third wife including living in Thailand at Nong Khai, near Seoul and later Gwangju in South Korea, In Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria, and in Albury in Australia.


1999 Nong Khai, Thailand


2004 Bogildo

A trip to Seaweed Island.


2005 Gwangju, South Korea

About a medical matter.


2005 Lagos, Nigeria

An email to a friend about life there.


2010 It is easy to see why mankind invented religion

The attraction of being around forever


2011 Qingdao, China

Alone in China.


2012 Expectations of Kaplan students

Some comments about the students in China.


2014 Kuwait

A comment on students there.


2014 Beginning Best Education Tours

A new tour business.