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Maxwell Book 1

Stories and photos from Maxwell from birth until marriage in 1969.


In the beginning


Photos of Yarloop, Western Australia


Photos of Yarloop Timber Mill


Photos of tree felling for Yarloop Timber Mill


Roads - a bit of Yarloop history

Life as a kid in Yarloop.


1964 Mingenew

Some photos taken in 1964


1965 Quobba

Quobba Station is north of Carnarvon.


1965 Along the coast to go spear fishing

The south west coast of Australia.


1966 Yarloop Rifle Club

Sundays spent shooting a 303 on the rifle range at Yarloop.


1966 Eastern States Tour - Mt Kosciusko

Photos taken on top of Australia.


1967 Sydney

 Photos taken of Sydney.

Yarloop stories


1967 Going fishing and catching a shark

Going fishing with my cousin.