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Those of us who take care of a garden are familiar with weeds.

These are plants growing where we do not want them. Generally they do not have characteristics that are appealing to us such as colour or flowers. Sometimes they are attractive and colourful but are in a bed of plants we want to grow on their own and hence are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Weeds grow well, and generally much more quickly than the plants we value.

Weeds need to be controlled otherwise we end up with a garden of just weeds. We can dig them up or spray them with a weed killer to allow the plants we value to thrive.

Control is an action which needs to also be a characteristic of human society. It is why we have a police force. There are members of our society who are the human garden weeds. They have characteristics which do not make them valuable members of the human garden.

They like to steal other humans property rather than work so they can buy it for themselves.

They ingest too much alcohol so they do not have control of their actions. While drunk they can harm other humans or their property. They can take control of vehicles which hence become lethal weapons. They do not do this only once but can make it a regular feature of the way they conduct their life. Such behaviour puts other humans and their property at risk. Obviously such weeds need an appropriate weed killer for the human garden to flourish.

Alcohol is not the only substance human weeds ingest to endanger other humans. Many drugs are available for them to become a danger to the members of the human garden. The news frequently has stories of such humans endangering other humans on many occasions because of their drug taking.

Recently a woman who drove a vehicle while drug affected had her nine year jail sentence reduced to seven years because the former was considered excessive for the crime of murdering two drivers in another vehicle with which she collided. A fairer sentence would have been to apply a suitable weed killer.

Society needs to regard ingesting substances which you know will impair your control of your body as a serious infringement of its right to have a safe and secure existence. One time doing thus could be considered an accident but more than once implies the necessity of using an appropriate weed killer on this dangerous human weed.



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