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The time has come


We have six billion surplus humans. Two billion is the appropriate human population.

While we could give up eating pork, beef, chicken, and lamb for less than a year to solve the problem that is obviously unacceptable and reducing the number of babies is necessary with some additional measures mentioned here.

The time has come; and not a line spoken by the Walrus but by the humans on the planet Earth not suffering from the brain or attitude problems of the other members of society that make those individuals a nonessential component of the human race.

Those who are in the aforesaid category need to be singled out for transfer to either the Arena or a fishfood station.

A multitude of humans are no longer capable of being regarded as regarded as possessing the characteristics of humanity. Their brains are not a little bit not working but have given up completely.

My Aunt Pauline was in such a state over fifty years ago and I still condemn a society that regarded her status as a vegetable as sufficient reason to have her still breathing; that is about all she was doing because she certainly had no characteristics of a human.

To have a relative in such a state is a source of despair for caring people.

The individual needs to be sent off to the fishfood station for their final contribution to the society they have spent their life in.

Such people are the “good guys”.

The other nonessential component of our human race are those who by their actions are a danger to the rest of us. Every day we read about individuals who have been jailed for many years because they have killed other humans. Jails are expensive to run so society should do its utmost to keep prison populations to a minimum by changing how bad people are treated.

You do not stab another human to death without possessing an implement to do the deed hence severe penalties need to be in place for carrying such an implement.

Plonking humans carrying knives in jail merely puts them in the prime educational facility for learning how to be a better criminal.

Much better to inflict pain on them to get the message across that they should not carry a knife.

Give them a televised flogging.

The advantage is it promotes non-knife carrying; the fee for viewing helps pay for the police; it makes victims of knife attacks feel better.

Obviously if you have been carrying a knife and killed someone your only and immediate destination is the Arena to meet Big Pig and his mates.

Television subscriptions for him gobbling bits of you with your accompanying screams are obviously higher and measured in the millions. While the police force does not encourage humans to behave in this fashion they can afford all the latest equipment as a result.

Shooting another human probably has you screaming as well but some cases will need copious investigation to preclude the death as a misadventure while hunting.


The individuals responsible for the following news item do not rate a trip to the Arena but need a good caning or flogging to get the message across that such conduct is inappropriate in a civilised society.

“Not shopping

So it looks as though a whole lot of Aboriginals are going to not be able to go shopping because they have forgotten they have been rescued from the Stone Age and need to behave in a 21st Century fashion; so no spears, clubs, boomerangs or Stone Age behaviour.


Aboriginals behaving badly in Alice Springs.

Aboriginals behaving badly in Broome.

Aboriginals behaving badly in Fitzroy Crossing.

Why is the search about Aboriginal Australians, you ask. If you do a search for the proportion of prisoners in Australia who are Aboriginal you will unfortunately find that instead of about 3% which is the proportion of the population that is Aboriginal you will find it is ten times as much.

So the humans needing a good flogging will be predominately Aboriginal in the new scheme of things.

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