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Our magnificent Parliament House has been desecrated. A plethora of female employees current and past have made it into a knocking shop.

Well done ladies.

Why have they done this deed?

One of their number decided to enter her workplace in the early hours of the morning in a state of complete inebriation with a fellow worker.

He was male.

She took off all her clothes.

She had sex.

She went to sleep.

Guess what came next.

Was she likely to say sorry; me bad.

She would want to keep her job.

Hence chances of that response less than zero.

She would have to change the story.

So she became a victim.

She became a lying cow.

She made the story one of her being abused.

Her being raped.

Her being one more woman victim.

Too bad that a person so drunk has zero credibility.

Too bad that no police force is going to believe your lies.

The women of Australia will.

And what a good story to promote the media.

Except for one media person; male obviously.

His sensible observations cost him his job.

Our politicians showed why we need The Family of All Life Alliance.

Labor used the story to make it our Prime Minister’s responsibility.

He showed he is actually a woman dressed as a man.

Complete lack of male reproductive equipment.

It is about time the rest of Australia showed it has some.




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