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Freedom is outdated

Society cannot afford freedom as we currently describe it because we have individuals and nations capable of eliminating all life on Earth or those members of it that they want to eradicate.

The Covid 19 crisis was placed at the door of both the Chinese and the Americans as being responsible for inflicting it on mankind because both are capable of producing such a potent weapon and have the desire to inflict it on the other.

With the increasing ability of robotics to be used to produce such weapons but also others just as potent we need to know what is going on in the world.

Constant surveillance of the necessary ingredients of any potential threat to us all will be necessary and with it the capability to detect the users of the resources and determine if the use was friendly to the rest of us or not. If a threat was determined we must have the capability to neutralise it and to this end a World Government is needed and all humans microchipped so we know where they are at any time. Not having these abilities does not bode well for the future as past history shows there are always nutters who want to do others in.

Robots are good and potentially bad

Because robots will eventually be doing all the work it means that they will be capable of constructing anything at all including an army of robots and the weapons the army needs. We can all visualise the type of individual or country from the world’s history that would find it worthwhile to set a robot army in motion and hence the need to know what is happening in the world so that we can foil such a plot. This is where keeping track of the resources necessary for large scale robot construction and weapons is necessary and by having all humans microchipped we will be able to associate destination of such resources and the humans involved and have our robocops apprehend them. Constant surveillance will be necessary because with robots manufacturing robots the increase in numbers will be exponential.

Apart from firearms the weapons could include biological and chemical agents and satellites beaming death rays from space.

Because all transport will be by robot controlled vehicles rapid detection of any interference with the programming of such robots and its immediate nullification will be necessary.

Punishment must suit crime

Attempting to eradicate life on Earth must result in a suitable punishment which is where a well promoted episode of Arena action will demonstrate to potential wrongdoers the extremely painful way Big Pig and his mates munch their way through all of a baddies body.

Julius Maxwell enables these changes in a few hundred years but society would be well advised to do so much sooner. Promoting The Family of All Life Alliance to run Australia and then the world would be a sensible idea.