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Australia needs politicians who are more capable

The Australian Republic flag 2023

Australia as a republic means the current flag with its reminder of its origins needs replacing.

The Family of All Life Alliance proposes a new flag for all Australian people.

It will be the only flag flown in Australia. Australia cannot continue to have racist flags flown which do not represent the values of Australian society.

Solar panels

Solar panels at the end of their ten to twenty five year life will all be going to landfill. Instead they will all need to be recycled. Humans are here for the rest of the Earth’s life. That is for millions and millions of years. Current disposable of waste methods means there will be continents of landfill. Nothing should go to landfill. Humans have to make all products recyclable.


A comment about submarines cost.

Submarines cost too much.

Online I read in 2017 that the USA was building ten new nuclear submarines for less than eighteen billion American dollars.

That made our need for a dozen submarines capable of being bought for about twenty eight billion Australian dollars.

The obvious question is how does Albanese spend over three hundred billion dollars on fewer submarines in 2023.

The items I read are still available as is a more current article.

Google “US Navy Orders 10 Virginia-class Submarines at a Record Cost of $17.6 Billion. The deal ensures a continued global role for the U.S. Navy's silent service.”

And a comment about a better use for the money.

Social Housing, not Submarines

Albanese is spending $350 billion on submarines that will be out dated by the time we get them.

Robot submarines do not need facilities for humans and can consequently be smaller and cheaper.

They would also be less detectable.

But the most obvious question is “ Will we ever go to war?”

If we assume we will not what number of homes will $350 billion buy?

At about half a million per dwelling it is 700,000 homes.

We need social housing.

We need it more than submarines.



All about gas.

Our Government says Australia has to abide by gas contracts, despite a major customer, China, getting the gas cheaper than Australians and in the recent past placing large tariffs on a number of our exports because they were upset with our politicians.

Most of this gas benefits overseas businesses and the tax on it that benefits Australians is minimal.

Things need to change.

Google produced the following reads.


China gets our gas


 Reason China is getting Aussie gas cheaper than Australians

China is currently getting Aussie gas at a cheaper rate than hard working everyday Australians. And the reason is ridiculous.


How much does it get?


China sends Aussie gas to Europe as we are starved


LNG exports to China reach record


China doesn’t need Aussie gas. So, stop exporting it.


What has China stopped accepting?

China's list of sanctions and tariffs on Australian trade is growing. Here's what has been hit so far


China hits Australian industries with economic sanctions amid souring ties

China has hit several Australian industries with economic sanctions as part of punishment over Canberra's criticism of Beijing blocking investigations into origin of pandemic


Which countries own Australia’s gas

Shock report reveals 95.7 per cent of Australia’s gas profits are going to foreign owners


Australians are preparing to be hit with “apocalyptic” gas prices, with majority of the profits headed overseas.


While most Australians are preparing to be hit with skyrocketing gas prices, a shocking report has revealed most of the profits will be going to foreign owners.

Researchers have conducted a deep-dive analysis of companies on the Australian Stock Exchange and found 95.7 per cent are foreign owned.

With 80 per cent of Australia’s gas being exported out of the country, households and businesses are experiencing price shock with “apocalyptic” rises in energy prices nationwide.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has been forced to step in and cap gas prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to $40 per gigajoule, but it is still five times higher than last year’s prices.

However, the frustrations won’t stop there with the bombshell revelation in the The Australia Institute’s report that most of the jacked up prices will be flowing overseas.

“Our research reveals the companies making super profits from shock gas prices are 95.7 per cent foreign owned,” report author and Senior Research Fellow at the Australia Institute, David Richardson, said.

This means Australian equity is just 4.3 per cent.

While households are “paying a fortune” to compete with the gas export industry, Mr Richardson says it is being run by foreign-owned companies who “pay little or no tax”.

“Australians are entitled to ask how this industry is serving the national interest,” Mr Richardson said.

“It’s time for the Government to consider a windfall profits tax to ensure Australians get a fair share of our natural resources and this $62.5b industry.”

Meanwhile, the report also found that major Australian companies which have statutory limits on the permissible level of foreign ownership are exceeding them.

While Telstra has a limit of 35 per cent, the research suggests the telecom company is 51 per cent foreign owned.

Mr Richardson said his data found Qantas was also “well in excess” and is currently 62 per cent foreign owned, when it should be 49 per cent.

“It is alarming that Australia’s national telco and airline have both exceeded statutory limits for foreign ownership,” he said.

Overall, Mr Richardson says there is “further work” to be done by the government to “examine the extent of foreign ownership” in Australia.