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They do not know their history

Australia needs help.

Completely inappropriate treaties are in the wind.

They are based on ignorance.

They do not know their history. Aboriginal people in Australia do not know what their life was like prior to the First Fleet so they cannot appreciate the enormously better lifestyle they have had since it arrived.

The education of Aboriginal people about Stone Age life should be a prime requirement of schools because by remaining ignorant about it they have inappropriate expectations and a complete lack of gratitude of having been rescued from it.

Any survey will presumably corroborate the above statement and should be carried out by a completely independent agency. The Aboriginal Industry is a completely inappropriate group to have anything to do with any aspect of this education process because of their fixated belief in falsehoods.

All education mediums should be used to introduce students and their parents to their history.

There are books written which describe the life as observed by missionaries and explorers.

Liars such as Bruce Pascoe need to be outed and penalised for touting their products as other than complete falsehoods.

Australia is at risk of a future based on the history as described by the Aboriginal Industry. Currently many millions of dollars are granted to education institutions and lawyers to promote the false history and its consequences including land rights. The truth seekers need to be similarly endowed with finance to promote the truth.

Treaties are a nonsense.

Land rights is racist.

Remote communities promoting Aboriginal languages is a sin against the children.

It is time we were one and not having 3% determined to mine a history of lies.

Reinventing Stone Age man

Australia has a problem with its perception of the life of the occupiers of the continent prior to 1788 in that it refuses to acknowledge that they were a thousand or so squalid little family groups constantly at war with themselves or their neighbours.

There is no acceptance that in their 60,000 years before being rescued from the Stone Age they did not discover the theory of evolution or realise that the Earth revolved around the Sun or writing to go with the hundreds of spoken languages or even helping the women with their loads of the family property by inventing the wheel.

They were ignorant savages stuck in a time warp of acceptance of the state of their world and a refusal to engage new thoughts.

The method of bypassing the truth is to believe in there being a whole world of superior existence in the immeasurable Dreamtime. Not having a written history is a huge advantage because any fallacious nonsense can be adopted as the knowledge known for thousands of years. Unfortunately there is a swag of alleged intellectuals ensconced in our universities determined to portray the Aboriginal as a superior creature rather than a complete ignoramus.

If it was not hugely financially advantageous to be labelled Aboriginal few Australians would prefer to included in this group rather than that of their larger proportion of antecedents who were English or Irish or Scottish; or even Welsh. Australia has a system where even possessing only one two hundred and fifty sixth of your being as Aboriginal allows you to proclaim yourself as such and reap the benefits not available to the 97% providing this largess.

Australia would have been fine without Aboriginal people

On YouTube an article by Daily Insight entitled “Australia would have been fine without Aboriginal people” does an excellent job of showing that the acknowledgements displayed on so many Australian websites is incorrect.



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