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A contemporary description of Aboriginals

Written in 1811

Apartment living

Go up, not out

Australian Nuclear Energy Authority (ANEA)

Responsible for building and maintaining electricity supply from nuclear power stations in Australia.

Cars and Roads

Cars have computers

How about a thank you.

Rescued from the Stone Age

I Love the Governor

A comment about rescue


The truth about Aboriginal recognition in Australia

Judging others

Australian standards can not be used for the conditions of people in other countries.

Karlie Kangaroo

Here way before humans

Living in Albury, NSW, Australia

About Albury, NSW, with some images.

Pauline is sometimes right

Pauline Hanson speech


Sailing on Lake Hume.

Save the world. Build Nuclear

We need nuclear reactors

Squeaky Wheel

More noise gets more attention

The Australian flag

The flag for Australia

They do not know their history

History in ebooks

What is the point of humanity?

All Australians should be equal

What to do

Labor keeps making mistakes

When the British settled Australia

Treatment of new arrivals

Why did George Faithfull shoot aborigines at Wangaratta?

A truthful description of an event



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