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The Family of All Life Alliance Policies



Australia needs to transform into a republic following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Australian Society

The history of Australia will be accurately described so all Australians know what the inhabitants of the country have experienced since humans first arrived. We will ensure that all life has the right to exist and be treated with respect. Currently parts of Australian society can lawfully subject animals to excessive cruelty that is unacceptable to mainstream Australians.

All parts of society will have the same rights with any not equally shared being relinquished.


The world has too many humans. Australia will finance programs to ensure that women in all countries have the means to control the number of children they produce.


The Family of All Life Alliance will construct enough nuclear power stations to ensure Australia has adequate base load power to complement its renewable energy supply.

All solar farms will be located away from arable land as this constitutes only 4% of the country.

Hydrogen will be produced by electrolysis all over Australia and provide energy to here and the world.

Pumped hydro will be the prime method of storing energy.


Industry will be expanded with the emphasis on maximum use of IT and robotics with the human component kept to a minimum.

New industries relevant to the 21st century will be assisted including the production of fire fighting airships and the use of hemp to produce biodegradeable plastics.

The future of work will change.

We need to have a Universal wage implemented in the near future because more of the work is going to be the province of robots.

The taxation system in this country obviously needs an overhaul because so many companies making billions of dollars have been exposed as paying no tax.

With the manufacturing industry being more reliant on the use of robots worldwide the number of humans working in the sector must be reduced to a minimum and this country could then produce goods that are competitive on the world stage. If too many people are involved in such production we will never be competitive.

Eventually all work will be done by robots. Humans will be able to work in some sectors if they so desire. Everyone will have an income from the Universal Wage. They also are given access to tours around the Earth.

What about today. Read the following article to see what the situation is with robots doing a better job than humans.


Build infrastructure projects such as nuclear power stations, social housing, dams and water projects, hospitals and roads and railways to support industry.

Social housing must be a priority.


Currently our pensions are at the bottom level compared to other OECD countries and will be increased to an acceptable level.

The pension assets test will include the value of the family home that is in excess of four times the median income.

The superannuation scheme was meant to reduce the number of people on pensions but that has not happened and the scheme has flaws that need to be fixed.

Foreign Ownership

We oppose foreign ownership of Australian land, water, and assets.


Education will be primarily delivered online whether the student is physically in school attendance or in some other location.

Production of relevant online material incorporating gaming will be funded.

Higher Education

Online courses will be encouraged with minimal prices and worldwide appeal.

Universities cannot promote fictitious courses and expect our support.

All students pursuing courses beneficial to Australia’s development will be financially supported.


Salaries will be sufficient to attract the most capable but their entitlements and pensions will be modified to a level acceptable to us all.

States will no longer have separate governments.


All income and profits made in Australia will be subject to tax.

A mining resource rent tax is required that will ensure that the Australian community receives a fairer share of resource profits gained from these non-renewable resources.

Negative gearing of investments in real estate will cease.

Business investment in IT to reduce the number of humans employed will result in a contribution to the Universal Wage which will be introduced to support the unemployable.

Australia needs an Inheritance tax to reduce the imbalance between the haves and have -nots. Inheritance tax will have the benefit of addressing income and wealth inequalities that have been growing in Australia. The shares of income going to the very top of the income distribution have been growing more strongly than those near the top. It is of course the very top of the income and wealth distributions that will be particularly affected by an Inheritance tax. There are no constitutional difficulties but the debate would be on the actual rates to be levied on estates. In South Korea it is 50%, the highest, in France 45%, and in the UK and USA 40%.


Implement a mining resource rent tax that will ensure that the Australian community receives a fairer share of resource profits gained from these non-renewable resources.

Currently Australia is reliant on mining and the export of the mined material for its economic well being. Industry using all the mined material must be developed in Australia to widen the base of the Australian economy.

Export of thermal coal will cease.

Export of iron ore and coal for its processing will reduce to zero as industry using the material is expanded here.

Similarly other currently exported minerals will be processed within Australia.


Water will not be privately owned.

Water rights will be bought back.

Water storage will be increased.


All aspects of this industry will cease.



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