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The Family of All Life Alliance

The Family of All Life Alliance lobby for an improved world and want CRAHP to go, that is countries, religions and the human plague, and cares for the future of all life.

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The Family of All Life Alliance Policies


Humans are a plague and there must be a worldwide reduction in human numbers.

Climate change is real and must be addressed.

Industry must be developed using our resources within Australia with maximum use of robotics.

A Universal Wage must be implemented.

Electricity production must not rely on carbon fuels.

Transport must be by electric vehicles including roboairships, preferably using hydrogen fuel cells.

Hydrogen production by electrolysis must be a priority.

Worldwide conservation and protection of animals and plants.

The Government must address the changes necessary for the enhanced future of all life.

All of these issues are addressed in the Maxwell Empire Books through to the year 4591.

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The Family of All Life Alliance

Australian Business number is 81218673680

The Family of All Life Alliance is an Australian based business operating from Albury, New South Wales, Australia 2640.