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The year is 4576.

All work is done by robots.

Humans number only 2 billion.

Humans live on the Earth, in Space City, and in the Moon.

 CHAR2Details about the people you encounter in the books.


Robots are taking all Earth species still existing to other planets.

Maxwell 01 is the first planet in the process of becoming another Earth.

Maxwell 01 is about four light years away. It took the robospaceship about eight hundred years to get there.

The robospaceship was built in Space City which circles the Earth above the equator at a height of over 35,000km.

Make a model of Space City


model sc

Read what the humans and robots are doing on the Earth, in Space City, in and on the Moon and on and around planets Maxwell 01 and Maxwell 02 in the Maxwell Empire Books.


  We are going under water In the Maxwell Empire Books by 4576 sea levels have risen twenty metres. See why here.


Humans do not need to explore space in person as robots can do the job far better and cheaper. My books MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOKS are based on this premise.

The Maxwell Empire Books will show you the effects that have been caused by a combination of nature and people and the need to follow THE OCTET, a guide to help you live your life. You can download an image of the Octet and print it.


In 2015 I wrote my ideas of how humans were going to spread to other solar systems.

Before the Maxwell Empire Books

My thoughts improved and in 2019 were much more sensible and gave rise to the Maxwell Empire Books where robots are the reason we can in the future say “We are everywhere, man, we are everywhere.”

To read more about me the author go to Stories and photos from the author

Max ages and why he can write the books. Study and experience and the Maxwell Empire Books

Spaceship 2015 version

In 2015 the structure of the habitat was a cylinder 300 km long and 80 km in diameter made from steel 2 cm thick. The volume of steel required to make such a structure, which would consist of two cylinders, is a lot of steel. Comparing it to annual production in 2013 for the whole world we get that the annual production of steel is 2013 is not enough to produce a spaceship of this size.

This structure was required to take humans in an environment that could support them and the life necessary for that. It did not include all species. Actually it would have included very few species.

It would not be able to take all eight million species that make up Earth life. It is not feasible to use such a model to go to another planet.

Hence we have the 2019 plan with robospaceships taking Earth DNA to future Earths.

BEGSee when the first ten spaceships were sent from Earth to planets which can support life as we know it.

The cover photo for Maxwell Empire Books

The Maxwell Empire is produced by changing distant planets into Earth 2, Earth 3, etc.
To make the change from barren landscapes to lush oases they need the DNA from all the species on Earth to replace that of the less developed cells they replace which starts with algae spores.

The cover photo represents the idea of seeds being necessary to terraform a planets barren surface into a living one. All eight million Earth species will become the planets biosphere, hence the planet is seeded with all Earth life.

Apart from needing to be able to discover how to start with simple cells and convert them to complex ones using the Earth DNA we need Space Elevators to be invented and Space City built as it is necessary for construction of robospaceships to travel to other planets. It also is needed for the transfer of material from objects in space to Earth. The Moon, Mars and the asteroids will be providing necessary resources for Earth people in the future.

Planet Maxwell 01 next stop

In all probability our descendants in less than four billion years' time will look a bit different to us or even a lot different but they will still have a problem with a sun that is nearing the end of its life and becoming a big red.

This would necessitate finding a new home for us and all other life on Earth. Now that is a long time away. It is less than four billion years since our beginning ancestor formed as a simple cell. Great, great, great, great ...., great granddaddy was a single cell, and we are talking about a time as far in the future that we have to depart the Earth, so we can be confident we will be different.


We can also be confident that long, long before that event our great, great, great ..., great grandchildren will be witness to frequent commercial space travel. There are companies now that are proposing visiting the asteroid belt to bring back asteroids rich in resources needed on Earth, and they know which asteroids they need to go and get. So while your great, great, ..., great grandfather may have been used by the Romans to make roads in England your progeny as far in the future may be making roads on the Moon, Mars or Maxwell 02, a planet orbiting a sun ten light years away. Even today getting to the former two is feasible but Maxwell 01 requires something new.

 The 4015 spaceship needed to take plants and animals to a destination ten light years away assumed we needed seeds or eggs and sperm from all living things. However in 2,000 years we will probably be able to reproduce life using the DNA data of the life form stored on a computer.

Hence all we need to send is computer data plus robots.

All we then need to send to Maxwell 01 to 101 is a spaceship carrying a set of robots and a way to deliver them to the surface of each Maxwell without help from the Earth as a transmission each way takes many years. The robots would use the data on the computers to populate a new Earth with old Earth's plants and animals.

Terms used in Maxwell Empire Books

Hence no human cargo. No plant cargo. No need for anything but a very fast spaceship.

Hence the spaceship would not need rotation, air supply, crops.

Our spaceship is now going to be very much smaller and lighter.
It will be just a huge workshop and storeroom driven by BIG motors.

So in several hundred years we have got the DNA message of all Earth's life forms to Maxwell 01 on a computer with robots to implant the DNA message into organic matter. So we need to have sent along some fast growing algae spores to give a base for the new life or if we find life already on Maxwell we can convert it to Earth life.

This means that if there is a life form more advanced than ours on a distant planet and they have decided to expand their life forms to other planets including Earth we would not be seeing little green men coming out of a kilometre long spaceship but R2D2s out of whose job it is to repopulate the planet. So you could be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Most likely the planets we get to will be a barren waste with no life and no oxygen in the atmosphere.

Terraforming the planet will be a chore taking millions of years.

Initial life will be in domes or capable of living in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen.

Exciting possibilities for the life on Maxwell 01, 02, etc

You can read what Andy writes in his diary for the six months of his fourteenth year. He is one of the sixty Ones, the first humans on the planet Maxwell 01.


MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOK 5: Andy Ones Diary is available on Amazon. Click on the link above and you can read a bit of the book. Better still give Amazon some money and read it all.

Andy is on planet Maxwell 01 which is the first of the Maxwell Empire and is 4 light years away from Earth.

Andy and his siblings are the Ones. The first humans on Maxwell 01. He was born in the 4573 Earth year or 0000 Maxwell 01. They take Earth years, months to keep it simple for Earth people when they read messages from Maxwell 01. It is now 4587 or 0014. So he is 14 year old Andy One.

Andy makes many pertinent observations on Earth humans over the history of Earth. His diary was written in the year 4587 and Earthlings will read it in 4591 as he is four light years away.

The Ones tour of Space City takes them to pods 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Views from Space City Pods on Maxwell 01

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