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Family of All Life Constitution


The name of the party will be Family of All Life.


The objectives of Family of All Life are as displayed on The Family of All Life Alliance website.


Organisational Structure

The organisational structure of the Party shall comprise:

(a) Council, which is the governing body

(b) Management Committee, which is the body having responsibility for the day to day management of the affairs of the Party

(c) Annual Conference


​Members of the Council





The immediate past President

Term of Office

Members of the Council are elected at the Annual Conference for a term of four years when they must seek reelection to continue in the role.


Members of the Management Committee

The secretary is responsible for the day to day administration and correspondence of the party.

The secretary will be assisted by the Council members and other staff as required at the discretion of the Council and to be approved at the Annual Conference.



Family of All Life will endorse candidates for Senate and House of Representatives elections and for State elections.


All Australians of voting age are eligible to join the Family of All Life.

Members can resign from Family of All Life by submitting a letter of resignation email to the secretary.

Members must remain financial members or their membership and its rights will lapse.

Members are required to abide by the objectives of Family of All Life or their membership may be terminated by a majority vote at a meeting of the Family of All Life Council.


The cost of membership is $50 per year.


The treasurer is responsible for managing the party’s finances.

Funds are to be used for maintaining the Party.

The treasurer can authorise expenditure.

The Treasurer is the ‘Party Agent’ who is responsible for lodging disclosure returns with the AEC. As the party agent the Treasurer will keep relevant records for the period of time required.

Annual Conference

The Family of All Life members can participate in the Annual Zoom conferences at which they can vote on motions presented at the conference and introduce motions sent to the administration office a week prior to the meeting.

Alteration of Constitution

Changes to the Constitution will be presented as motions at the Annual Conference. Seventy percent of the voters must be in favour of the change.

Quorum, meeting and voting procedures

The Family of All Life may hold meetings as circumstances require with all financial members being notified by email a week beforehand of the meeting.

An attendance of one quarter of members will be required for a quorum.