How about a thank you.

The persistent demands of Aboriginal people demonstrate the lack of gratitude by them for all that is and has been done for them. This attitude was commented on by the members of the First Fleet over two hundred years ago despite the help they were then given and remains so today despite all that the 97% of the rest of the population does for them.

Having 34,000,000,000 dollars spent on them each year by the 97% does not warrant thanks.

Being supplied with superior education facilities even when they insist on living in remote communities in the middle of nowhere does not warrant thanks.

That the Government supplies these remote communities with all facilities such as electricity and water and telecommunications does not warrant thanks.

Living where there is no work and hence being permanently dependent on welfare does not warrant thanks.

Does all this mean the children at least attend the school each day, so they escape from a lifetime on welfare. Not at all. They have the same attitude to education as Kuwaiti children who will be supported all their life by the Kuwait Government and not have to work and hence show no interest in education.

A thank you would be appreciated for the provision of all the facilities needed to participate in 21st century life.

Attendance at school would be even more appreciated.

Interest in learning English so they can participate in 21st century life rather than learning a language useful for communicating the location of the kangaroo mob and little else would be regarded as sensible.

In these remote communities police have got into trouble when they defend themselves from an attacker armed with a knife. Nursing staff attending to the health care of the communities have been murdered. Support from the people living in these places rather than the permanent and unjustified sense of entitlement would be appreciated.

So they were here when the First Fleet arrived. They had been here for 60,000 years. The kangaroos had been here for twenty million years. The koalas and emus likewise. The lifestyle of each was not much different to the Aboriginals. They had been here much, much longer, and hence have a greater claim to the continent than the humans.

The Aboriginals were doing the same thing in 1788 as when they got here sixty thousand years before. They were rescued from this life style by the arrival of the English with the First Fleet.

Are they grateful for now having much longer lives and which are much more comfortable than being a nomadic hunter? Than having a much different lifestyle to Karlie the kangaroo, Willy the wombat and Ernie the emu.

Having clothes to wear.

Having a roof over their head.

Having wheels to get them around the country.

With the females no longer having kids while kids themselves.


What they should be saying.

I Love the Governor

I love my car

Walking was the pits

I love my house

My humpy was not warm

I love McDonalds

Kangaroos are just too hard to catch

I love a Boags

Which can be a problem

I love my tele

Talking is good but pictures beat it

I love my phone

Smoke signals aren’t as good

It was all from Governor Phillip

Coming here back in 1788

That I no longer just walk

That I no longer am stone age man

He changed me to modern man.