The Family of All Life Alliance

We lobby for an improved world.

The Earth wants these things to go.

Countries, Religions And Human Plague


CRAHP must go


All these things can result in wars that could eradicate all life on Earth.

They must go.


Australia needs The Family of All Life Alliance.

The World needs The Family of All Life Alliance.

We humans are here for thousands of millions of years if we eliminate CRAHP.

Support The Family of All Life Alliance.



We have an excess of humans.

We need to reduce the number.

All Life on Earth needs respect.

If humans increase other life will decrease.

How many people can the planet actually hold?

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Too many humans



Constitution altered when Australia becomes a republic.

A new flag will be required to represent the new status.

The Octet guides our lives.

All cars by 2035 robotic and electric and manufactured locally.

All able bodied adults not working paid Universal Wage.

Social housing provided for half the population.

Cities must go up, not out.

Women only supported for two children.

Border control fleet magnified.

Immigration reduced.

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Thank you governor



Education all online with option of attending classrooms except for practical work.

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The Family of All Life Alliance will have policies for the 21st century.

Jails replaced with microchipped offenders with personal robots.

Politicians subject to intelligence and aptitude test before sitting.

Thermal coal not mined and coking coal and iron ore all used in Australia.

All Australians treated equally.

Manufacturing using robots sustains economy.

Nuclear reactors supply base load electricity. Solar cells produce electricity and hydrogen.

Coalition formed with other countries all following the same precepts.

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ParliamentHouse b

The actions necessary for all of us

Just because we can do something it does not mean that we should.

Humans will be on this planet for another 4,000,000,000 years.

Stop destroying our home and our children’s home.

And our great, great, grand children’s home.

And ………………..

Stop fracking.

Stop burning coal.

Stop having so many kids.


Support The Family of All Life Alliance.

Buy the Maxwell Empire Books

Buy Maxwell Empire Books

Maxwell Empire Books


The latest book in this series is Andy Ones diary in 4587. Andy knows all Earth history. Read his opinion of 21st century humans.


Andy is on planet Maxwell 01 which is the first of the Maxwell Empire and is 4 light years away from Earth.

Andy and his siblings are the Ones. The first humans on Maxwell 01. He was born in the 4573 Earth year or 0000 Maxwell 01. They take Earth years, months to keep it simple for Earth people when they read messages from Maxwell 01. It is now 4587 or 0014. So he is 14 year old Andy One.

Andy makes many pertinent observations on Earth humans over the history of Earth. His diary was written in the year 4587 and Earthlings will read it in 4591 as he is four light years away.



For more information about the Maxwell Empire click on the image. Read the history to the year 4587, find out details of the lives of the characters in the books, look at photos of the Hunt areas, and more.

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