A member of the Family

The Family of All Life Alliance

Australia needs The Family of All Life Alliance.

The World needs The Family of All Life Alliance.

We are here for thousands of millions of years.

We have an excess of humans.

We need to reduce the number.

All Life on Earth needs respect.

If humans increase other life will decrease.

How many people can the planet actually hold?


What to do.

  1. Constitution altered when Australia becomes a republic.

  2. A new flag will be required to represent the new status.

  3. The Octet guides our lives.

  4. All cars by 2035 robotic and electric and manufactured locally.

  5. All able bodied adults not working paid Universal Wage.

  6. Social housing provided for half population.

  7. Cities must go up, not out.

  8. Women only supported for two children.

  9. Education all online with option of attending classrooms except for practical work.

  10. Jails replaced with microchipped offenders with personal robots.

  11. Politicians subject to intelligence and aptitude test before sitting.

  12. Thermal coal not mined and coking coal and iron ore all used in Australia.

  13. All Australians treated equally.

  14. Manufacturing using robots sustains economy.

  15. Nuclear reactors supply base load electricity.

  16. Solar cells produce electricity and hydrogen.

  17. Satellites installed above Australia to destroy any invaders.

  18. Border control fleet magnified.

  19. Immigration reduced.

  20. Coalition formed with other countries following same precepts.

The actions necessary for all of us

Just because you can do something it does not mean that you should.

Humans will be on this planet for another 4,000,000,000 years.

Stop destroying our home and our children’s home.

And our great, great, grand children’s home.

And ………………..

Stop fracking.

Stop burning coal.

Stop having so many kids.




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