Morrison is a salesman

Some comments from after the last election


A few comments after Morrison got back.

Morrison is a salesman.

Australia was sold a dud government.

Morrison was a good salesman selling a dud product.

Morrison is not governing; he is selling us on re-electing him in 2022.

What I do not get is that people believed his pitch.

I sent Shorten ideas on how to discredit Morrison’s fallacies but they were ignored.

Morrison and company did a scare campaign on electric cars; why is no one pointing out just how wrong they were?

Morrison and company did a scare campaign on pensioners with shares losing money they should not have been given in the first place; how many billions does it need to get to before a government fixes this bit of stupidity?

No one pointed out that not taxing retired people even when they often now survive thirty or more years after retiring and obviously with fewer working people supporting the country it is not possible.

We need a new political party with some common sense.

We need The Family of All Life Alliance.